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Foster Child Care Institutions "On Watch"

Residential Treatment Center Violations
Texas Tribune with interactive mapping of RTC's throughout Texas
[Foster] Kids choked, stripped, beaten at facilities

The Compliance History of all Residential and General Operation Group Homes providing contract foster care for children from Texas and other states who utilize Texas foster care facilities. Enter the name of the facility, or enter a zip code, and read of the abuse that is ongoing in Texas state foster care facilities.

Rule §748.1101 What rights does a child in foster care have?

Click to see Forgotten Children's Video on YouTube When a staff member assaults a foster child, the staff person MAY be fired.
When a foster child is accused of assaulting an abusive child or staff, the foster child WILL go to Juvenile Jail; charged with a crime. This is illogical and is not in the best interest of the foster child.

Jamies House RTC was closed due to deficiencies. Later on the RTC opened as Michelle's Center
, now CLOSED, used Jamies House Charter School as a provider of education requirements. This is not BETTER or SAFER care and Jamie's House Charter School will remain the same unless training is required. Although taken from their homes and schools to protect them, DFPS approves of children in foster care attending Jamies' House Charter School.

Hope4KidZ, Inc., researches and reports residential foster care facilities in Texas, repeatedly cited for High Risk and abusive staff. When Hope4KidZ receives alerts to serious NONcompliance with the Minimum Standards for Residential Treatment Centers (RTC), information is added as a service to the public. Residential Child Care Licensing requires increased investigatory and increased oversight power. Children are raped so often in foster care, facilities have insurance riders, limiting the nonprofit facilities' financial obligation when children are sexually abused in state foster care.

Beyond all doubt children in Foster Care are abused in group homes and residential state foster care facilities.

Hope4KidZ urges legislators:

  1. Complete a study on the number of children in state foster care who become residents of the Texas Youth Commission.
  2. When a child is placed in state foster care, the child deserves increased safety in foster care.
  3. Utilize the weighted system in determining the Level of Care provided
  4. Enforce accountability for Minimum Standards for Foster Care Facilities
  5. Give consideration to sending older children home; especially, when violence and abuse has not been alleged or proven.
  6. When children are deteriorating in foster care, judges need to consider the decision to keep the children in foster care where required services are unavailable, in violation of Equality requirements and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE), IDEA, OHI, and numerous laws-acts that are intended to protect the education of ALL children.

We have a "Zero Tolerance" policy for certain violent behaviors in the public school system, yet those same "Zero Tolerance" behaviors are perpetrated against children in state foster care by the workers hired to protect and ensure children.

DayStar Residential Treatment Center Closed Down

DayStar Doug Swanson, Dallas Morning News,

Updated 12/23/2009 - (PDF) The Children's Shelter KCI Servants Heart in San Antonio, Texas appear to be changing the RTC's name from KCI Servants Heart to The Children's Shelter. Regardless the name, the Compliance History on DFPS Web Site reflect continual violations of Minimum Standards for foster care facilities. Staff seem unable to keep correct amounts and dosing of medications. One out of two children's files are incomplete and two out of three staff files do not have basic information, such as a GED. Several citations deal with irresponsible treatment and potentially dangerous issues surrounding the use of psychotropic medications and unwarranted restraints.

Pegasus RTC - Updated: 03/01/2011

Hill Country Youth Ranch - Kerr County Texas -

3/2009 - A medication error was not documented for a child in Terry cottage. This was corrected at inspection.

April 5, 2003 A civil trial involving a lawsuit brought against Hill Country Youth Ranch ended when a settlement was reached between the defendants and two brothers who claimed they were molested at the facility ten years ago.
July 29, 1997 - 34-year-old man was indicted this month on charges he sexually assaulted two boys and committed indecency with a third boy

July 29, 1997 Mark D. Shellenberger, 34, who lives in the Dallas area, was indicted by a Kerr County grand jury on July 3, accused in a nine-count indictment of sexually assaulting children between 1992 and 1995.


There are too many Citations to List on H4K:

5/22/2007 - Staff did not act to ensure the child's safety. The child was playing in front of his cabin and his hands were behind his back with toy handcuffs on their hands. House-parent threw a playground ball at the child which caused them to fall and sustain the injuries.

The child sustained injuries to their knee, and lacerations to their right face, nose and forehead as a result of incident. The injuries required emergency medical treatment including stitches.

8/8/2006 - Pending

Section 4000: II. Basic Care-Problem Management
Standard/Rule/Law Brief Description
II41001 Problem Management-Witness to Physical Punishment
II41002 Problem Management-Documentation of Physical Punishment
II41003 Problem Management-Documentation of Restrictions
II41004 Problem Management-Prohibition of Shaking or Slapping
II41005 Problem Management-Spanking of Children Under Age 5 -

Standards Evaluated

Section 5000: Child Care

Standard/Rule/Law Brief Description
I52105b Use of Protective Devices-Convenience for Caregivers {Editor Note: Protective Device is a Restraint Device... kids say this one looks like the electric chair
I52105c Use of Protective Devices-Substitute for Treatment Programs - {Editor Note: Protective Device is a Restraint Device and in this case, Restraints were substituted for Treatment Programs}
I52201 Policies and Procedures on Use of Supportive Devices
I52202 Use of Supportive Devices as Adjunct to Care
I52203 Use of Supportive Devices-Written Physician's Orders Required
I52204 Documentation of Use of Supportive Devices and Review of Use of Service Plans
I52205 Use of Supportive Devices-Removal of Device at Night
I52206 Prohibitions on Use of Supportive Devices
I52206a Use of Supportive Devices as Punishment
I52206b Use of Supportive Devices for Convenience of Staff

Kerr County Operations

Star Ranch, Kerrville Texas

December 5, 2005 - 12-year-old former Star Ranch resident who was washed away by rain-swollen waters in Johnson Creek on May 6 died

December 6, 2005 - Christening "Mikie" Garcia Restrained to Death

December 8, 2005 - Autopsy - Suffocated At Star Ranch in Kerrville

June 17, 2006 - State revokes Star Ranch's license

What is going on?

Back In Business:

Violation Details
Operation Name: Star Ranch Residential Treatment Center
Date: 5/6/2006
Standard Number:‡ I24101a
Standard Description: General Staffing-Caring for Children
Technical Assistance Given: No

Facility staff took 4 residents, three of which were hearing impaired, on a planned outing to creek that was swollen by two days of sever thunderstorms.

Staff failed to properly supervise a resident resulting in that resident falling into a swollen creek. The child was sucked into a whirlpool that fed in to a culvert. The child was under water for approximately 20 minutes.

CADI aka Child and Adolescent Development Inc.CADI License Revoked -

August 18, 2004 - Houston Chronicle - Repeated Abuse of Children at CADI, Child & Adolescent Development Center, 2505 Southmore, Houston, Texas; rats, rape, "cooked-books", kids knocked into walls, kicked in the stomach, left without proper medical care and maimed for life, food poisoning, and MORE.

June 24, 2005 - CADI License Revoked

Waymaker, License Revoked -
- Waymaker Closing

Allegedly, A known, felony convicted worker broke a ten year old child's arm.

Woodside Trails - Closed

According to a Press Release from CAICA, employees of facilities that care for children are Mandated Reporters and cannot be held to a contract that many employees are required to sign, agreeing to be silent about what goes on in these facilities. "If you witnessed maltreatment of children or teens, mild or severe, it is your moral and legal obligation to report it - for the sake of the children. There is protection for those who report child abuse and neglect." Coalition Against Institutionalized Child Abuse