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"When my attorney stopped coming to court, without telling me why or withdrawing from the case, I asked for an attorney. The judge laughed; further stating, if he gave an attorney to every family that came in his court, he would have a line down the street. Now What?"

Am I entitled to an attorney?

In Texas, if Parent is Indigent and disagrees with CPS' removal of children, parents are entitled to legal counsel, appointed at the beginning of the case. Respectfully, take to court a copy of the linked Texas Admin Code, (TAC) Ch 268 - 107.13. Effective January 1, 2007, Senate Bill 6 created numerous laws to address issues children and families experience with the Foster Care System and the Texas Department Protective Regulatory Services.

Verify Eligibility for Indigent Status TAC - RULE §173.201 Eligibility

"Are judges required to follow any rules?"
To be Continued..