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Mack W. Ford said, "Take It To Court" and we took it to court

Videos of New Bethany


Contact Troop G, Louisiana State Police (LASP) to file reports of sexual abuse at New Bethany Home for Boys and Girls.
The Louisiana Statutes of Limitations changed in 2012, encouraging victims of Child Sexual Abuse to report crimes to law enforcement.


New Bethany Home for Girls: behind the story


Hope4KidZ, Inc. is a nonprofit, 501(c)3, incorporated in the state of Texas as a public benefit, non-governmental corporation, organized for a public and charitable purpose.

  • Enforcement of Texas Laws against abuse, neglect, expoloitation, and failure to report serious incidents by institutions licensed to provide care for children
  • Reduce the number of children in institutional care
  • Increase the protection of foster children living in institutional facilities, often known as Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs).
  • To ensure children in foster care have access to a Free Appropriate Public Education, in agreement with Federal and State, laws, acts, and requirements; including FAPE, OHI, IDEA, NCLB, ADA.
  • Continue to work with families, legislators, Residential Child Care Licensing, state offices, media, and the local community to create a safer environment and a better life, resulting in favorable long-term outcomes for children in state foster care.
Original 2004 report on CPS, DFPS, TX child protectivce services, with solutions
2004 Forgotten Children's Report

In 2009, of the 65%, or 26,994 children in [TX] foster care, 59%, or 15,932 children lived in residential [institutional] foster care"
Source: Children’s’ Commission, 2010, p. 12.


How CW's Lose Limited Immunity

In Gates V. Texas, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled: CPS workers obtain a warrant or lose immunity.


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