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Blossom International's Humanitarian Aide To Children In Foster Care

Foster child sponsorship is part of our Gift of Goodness program and we hope to be able to sponsor at least one child ever six months.

Blossom International is working directly with Hope4KidZ, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, in order to locate a child and find out what they need and want. We hope to both raise awareness about the problems and challenges facing fostercare children and bring these children some joy.

Blossom International is supporting three of "our" children, ages 16, 6, and 8, for Christmas!
Blossom International has chosen these three children who not only want Christmas presents, but also need basic care items such as shoes, socks, underwear, shirts, pants, warm clothing for winter, and a duffel bag which will allow them to keep their belongings as they move from placement to placement.

We did not take a picture of the HUGE package sent to one of the boys in residential foster care and Blossom International went over any of our expectations when buying gifts for this young man.

The package, mailed from New Jersey, contained a Black Duffel Bag, several Tech Dudes (Skater Toys), Tech Deck Handboard (Skater Toys), Waterproof Watch, Boxers, Socks, Sneakers, Several T-Shirts, Button Down Shirts, Several pair of Jeans and Pants; a total of 18 items.

Many times it is easier to look to far away lands and see children in need and to help them. In our experience, it is much more difficult for all of us to look into our own "back yards" and see that children are doing without basic necessities. The Director's daughter used her own money (not easy for a 10 year-old) and helped her mother and grandfather choose the gifts you see below.

Thank you to one little girl who was selfless and giving of her own money, in order to give these two little girls beautiful skirts, shirts, dress shoes, sneakers, numerous toys, jewelry, socks, underwear, blue jeans, long-sleeve shirts, and a fleece-lined coat to keep them warm.

Click on the Pictures Below to see the larger picture of all the beautiful gifts from Blossom International for these two little girls! We are absolutely thrilled for Blossom International in New Jersey, to care so much about children that they would provide for children in Texas!

What an Example for all of us to teach our young children to think of others
and to GIVE to others, because it is the RIGHT thing to do!!

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